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Writing SEO Friendly texts

Tips to write SEO friendly texts

How can you best write SEO friendly texts? Actually, a good SEO text is just like a newspaper article. It starts with a good headline, catchy intro and a clear structure. But where do you start with writing SEO friendly texts? In this post I dig deeper into writing SEO friendly texts and I offer a number of tools that you can use to ease your SEO life.

Where do I start?
When you start a website and you still do not have any content to start write down the pages that you want on your website (eg: Home, About, Services, Products, Contact, etc.) and write down where you think that page is all about. The main topic in one or two words. That’s your ‘KeyWord’.

Writing SEO texts
Now that you defined the topic of your page and have chosen your main keyword you can start writing your SEO texts. Make sure the SEO keywords come back several times in your text. At least once in the H1 (title) and once in the Subheading.

Building a good SEO text

SEO text structure
A good SEO text is structured with a logical structure. SEO texts consist of a H1 headline, an introduction, a H2 sub headlines and paragraphs of text. A good SEO text consists of around 3 to 5 paragraphs of clearly written and relevant information. Do not write only the keywords but write a text that people can read well.

Short sentences in SEO
Use short sentences in SEO texts. Sentences of up to 12 words are proper sentences. By using short sentences readers and visitors can scan the text carefully and determine which part of the text is interesting for them.

Content of the SEO text.

Important content first
Like humans search engines read also from top to bottom. That means that the most important information must be on top, in the title and first paragraph. The first subparagraph may also be a short introduction or summary of the text. Always use all keywords in the first paragraph and preferably in the first sentence.

Related links
A good web text is the perfect place to put a text link to another page. Do add a ‘title tag’ to the link to explain to search engines what the link is about. Make sure the links appear natural in your text. So do not use ‘click here to read more’, but make it more natural. It is best to add a link to another blog post about e-commerce in your text.

Bullet Lists
To really make this clear for readers and search engines alike make sure that you make a bullet point list of the most important steps. Google adds more importance to the list if the main keywords appear in the list.

Meta Description
The meta description is the description you see in the search results of search engines. Make sure that is always filled out. Each meta description should be unique and relevant to the page linking to. So write a catchy text of up to 155 characters. If you work with WordPress the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is a good plugin.

Good SEO monitoring tools

Why monitor your SEO?
To get a clear understanding how high you rank inside Google with a certain keyword, you can use tools that measure how high the page in Google ranks for a particular keyword. Use these tools to monitor the main keywords of your texts. So you can see if you get better results every week. If you get no results, you will need to optimize the texts. Remember that you will probably never end up 1st after one week. It takes time to perfect your SEO optimization. Some keywords have more competition than others. In the SEO monitoring tools you can also monitor your competitors and how they rank with your keywords.

What SEO monitoring tools should I use?
There are several SEO tools available to monitor your keywords. I have listed the 2 I use.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster tools is a Google website where you (as a webmaster) can enlist a website to Google. You can then ask to have the entire website or parts of the website scanned by the Google bot. This Google bot indexes your site and thus makes your findable in Google. So make sure that every new page you create you will fetch using Google Webmaster tools. You can also use the Bing webmaster tools to make websites available in Bing.

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