My Digital Marketing expertises.

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Setting up an e-commerce platform that looks good and converts well is not so easy and a lot is involved. With which distributor are you going to work, who handles your payment transactions, who is your target audience, etc? I can help you to develop, build and set up an e-commerce platform. I am giving you the tools to use the platform optimally so that you have a real return on your investment.

E-Commerce Hire

You have a website but do not know how you can end up high in Google Ranking? Or do you want to advertise with Google, but you have no clue what ‘keywords’ to use? I can help you set up your Adwords campaigns, determine the SEO content and of course set up Google Analytics for you so you can continue to monitor the progress and adapt. I have SEO copywriters available for your website if necessary.


Digital Marketing Project Manager
If you have an online marketing department and you need someone to manage that team or someone who has a vision on online marketing but can also execute that vision, you have come to the right place. I can help you fill the gap and share my knowledge and expertise with the team. Ideally for replacing someone on Maternity leave, when someone has gotten long term ill or you need extra manpower because your are growing.

Digital Marketing Hire

Web Development
Besides a good experience in the management of digital projects, I can also develop (ecommerce) websites myself. I use WordPress as a CMS and for ecommerce I use WooCommerce. High quality for a reasonable price. You can add all kinds of features. Whether you want a website for bookings or a home supply website. I develop the web platform for you.


Digital Brand Strategy
What you promise your customers online and what you deliver to them is much more important than a logo and a fancy design alone. Consumer expectations are getting higher and online sentiments can turn on you in a minute. With the Brand Strategy process I dive deeper into who you are and what your main USP’s are to exploit that online to your advantage.

Digital Strategy Hire

Social Media
You have set up all the necessary social media accounts. And now what? What content will you share with your followers to keep them ‘engaged’ with your brand? Who is going to post content? Where do you get that content from? I can help you finding the answers to these questions (and other questions) Also with installing the right monitoring tools.

Social Media Hire