Looking for a Freelance Digital Marketing Manager?

I am very flexible in the forms we can work together. Project base, Freelance or on a Monthly retainer.

Forms of Cooperation

Freelance Base
If I work for you on a Freelance base I work with a hourly fee. Before the start of the project we define how much hours a week I spend on the project. At the end of the month I send you the invoice for the delivered services and billable hours. Of course you will receive a timesheet. Rates differ per project, depending on the length of the project.

Project Base
I can also work for you where the work is based on a fixed project price. Requisites are that the project is in a short time schedule and the deliverables are clearly deinde. For example building a website like I constructed for myself, or one I constructed for a housing project of make an animation video like this one.

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Hourly rates

Hourly rates differ per project. The rate depends on the length of the project, the work that needs to be done, the level you want me to act on, etc. Would you like to request a quote, please do contact me. I’d be happy to provide you one.

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