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EGG Helmets
EGG Helmets is a multi purpose and customizable childrens’ helmet. A helmet for kids aged between 4 and 12 years old and for multi purpose uses such as skiing, skating, bikini and snowboarding. EGG Helmets has chosen to focus the sales effort in the beginning primarily on the retail channel. They do have an e-commerce platform but that wasn’t living up to the expectations. In order to set up a good e-commerce platform EGG Helmets have contracted me to help them migrate from a Magento platform to a Seoshop platform, to advice them about the SEO and SEA strategy, perform Keyword Strategy and connect different online services such as WMS’s, Exact Bookkeeping and PSP’s. In addition to the role of advisor, I am also involved with the implementation.

Expertises hired

Digital Strategy

How does one set up a webshop for a cool children's brand? A shop that converts but also shows brand feeling?


SEO and SEA advice and implementation. SEO analysis on the current site and implemented improvements. In 3 languages.


What content does EGG Helmets need to deliver their followers? What si the goal of social media and the target group?


Migration of Magento to Seoshop without losing Googel ranking, including migrating all customers, orders, etc.

Web Development

Set up a new e-commerce shop from scratch. This means writing Functional Design, Draw Wireframes and Manage agency.