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The Ministry of Education finds the emancipation of women in the workforce important and wanted a campaign to raise awareness about the prejudices of women in the workforce. My research showed that only 5% of men reduce their working hours when there are children in the household. And even if the woman works as much as the man she still does most of the tasks at home. That’s why I focused the campaign on men. In order to ensure a change in mentality among men compared to women and work. Because by doing more at home he gives the woman the opportunity to grow and be independent. In addition to that she also contributes financially to the household. All communications of the campaign were directed to a Facebook page. That was the central hub for all traffic, the conversations were monitored there. The campaign has been boosted in the week before Mother’s Day (June 10) with different social media posts that zeroed in on typica women things at home, carried out by men (life hacks for men). The highlight of the campaign were the digital boarding banners at different football matches that day and the campaign was discussed in RTL Late Night.

Expertises hired

Online Strategy

How can we best show the prejudices on women in the workforce? Our insight came from the fact that just 5% of (dutch) men are willing to work less and be more at home and to give room for their women to work.

Social Media

With the help from Fresh Bridge Social Media Agency we developed the social media campaign.