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Trefecta Mobility

Trefecta is the best high performance e-bike there is on the market. Design, Function and Power come together in this e-bike. A range of 100 km, a top speed of 70km/h and a very long lasting performance battery. I have been commissioned by Pippi BV to advise in the digital marketing for this e-bike. Because how do you sell a very expensive luxury brand online with a price tag of a small car? This involves the creation of a digital strategy, content strategy (SEO) and SEA strategy. I am also involved in the execution and implementation of the strategy.

Status: Project still underway.

Expertises hired

Digital Strategy

Digital advice on how to put a high performance e-bike on the map of consumers. In multiple European countries at the same time.


SEO and SEA advice and implementation. Keyword research, target group research.


How can you best use social media to your advantage when selling a High Performance E-bike?